Meet the Team

Johanna Donald

Certified Foot Practitioner

A passion of mine has always been feet. I wanted to make a difference to the way people felt about their feet, make their discomfort go away.  I wanted to learn how to treat troublesome nails, corns, hard skin, etc so I trained six years ago with the generous sponsorship of my good friend Sharon Richards, owner of the Swansea Foot Clinic

I began my training to become a foot health practitioner which means I can perform basic chiropody care for my clients. 

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I work from my main clinic in Leckhampton, shared with the fabulous First Floor BFF, Cheltenham and also at Badhams Pharmacy in Longford, Gloucestershire. I also treat clients in the comfort of their own homes. 

When I was younger I loved to massage my mothers and my grandma’s feet.  My Grandma used to say that one can be taught how to do a massage, but you can not teach the touch! It’s a gift and you either have it or you don’t. Of course I was chuffed to bits when she told me (after several massages) that I had the gift and that I should use it.


Certified Foot Practitioner


Hi, I'm a qualified foot health practitioner.

I have a caring nature and as a runner, having recently had foot surgery, it made me realise just how important looking after our foot health really is. 

My family and friends all have some sort of issue with their feet, so it feels great to be able to help the people that I care about. But it feels really great to bring a smile to a new clients face after a treatment. Sometimes I see physical relief from clients because their feet don't hurt anymore.

I do this work alongside my part time office work, which gives me a good work life balance.

I look forward to meeting you and treating your feet too.


Thanks Mandy

Diploma Foot Health Practitioner S.A.C Registered Foot Health Practioner. RFHP.